Costumes are provided by both ADT and dancers.

Once dances are complete Choreographers will begin the creative process on costumes.

All female dancers need a nude body liner (tan/beige) camisole.
All male dancers need a dancer’s t-shirt. This is a t-shirt with built in underpants.

These items can be purchased at The Dance Bag.

***Please keep tags on everything until final decisions have been made at FINAL dress rehearsal in January!

If you have questions regarding costumes please e-mail them to

Costume Notes 1.8.20

Reminder that all dancers not wearing a gold costume for the final dance should wear the following:

  • Girls – Provide Black Long Sleeve leotard, tan tights, tan jazz shoes
  • Boys – Provide White Button-Down shirts, Black Dress Pants, black jazz shoes, black socks

All costumes should be pressed and clean.

Dance shoes should be clean.

Make-up: Remember that you will looked washed out because of the lights so more make-up is needed.

Hairspray, hairspray, hairspray.

Finally please make sure you run thru all of your costumes to ensure that you have everything along with the proper shoes.


Costume Checks This Weekend

Friday January 3rd

42nd Street Ballet – If you are providing any of their own pieces please bring them so we can see them.

Lion King – Bring whatever costume pieces that you have so we can see them.

Devil Went Down to Georgia – Bring whatever costume pieces you have so we can see them.  Boys shirts will be provided by ADT.

Suessical – Bring whatever costume pieces they have so we can see them.

Disney Afternoon – Full costume check.  Abbey posted yesterday.

One Part 1 – Girls were supposed to try on their existing costumes and let me know if they fit or not.  Please be prepared to tell me.


Saturday, January 4th

Please bring all costumes that you are responsible for.  We will be fitting costumes beginning at 1:00 pm.  We will pull the dancers we need from rehearsals.


Costume Update 1-1-20

Lion King – Grass People should have a long sleeve WHITE leotard.

Costume Updates 12-31-19

I recently realized that the changes I supposedly put out on the site after the last rehearsal didn’t post and shame on me for not checking.  Please see the updates and if you need assistance let me know.

Mark Red – Girls – We are looking for Christmas Red Pants (Bright Red).  We were planning on changing to leggings because they seem to be easier to find.  If you have bright red jeans or leggings we can make it work.

Spamalot – Mark communicated to the boys that they needed black legging compression pants.  These are to be dancer provided.

Hannah Purple – Girls will wear the black recital costume from last year.  I know there is one dancer that needs a costume and I am working on borrowing one.

Lion King (click on the words Lion King)- Ashley communicated this to all of the dancers.  If you need assistance please let me know.


Costumes for Acts 1 & 2 are now available.  Updates will be made often please make sure you check the page frequently.

Another Opening, Another Show – Bryer, Elise, Julia W., Natalie, Claire Costumes TBD but will be provided by ADT

Act 3 Costumes

42nd Street Tap Ballet

Another Opening, Another Show


Acts 1 & 2 Costumes