Rehearsal Attendance Policy:
Rehearsals are vital to the success of our performances, so ADT has a strict rehearsal attendance policy:

  • Dancers are expected to be at all scheduled rehearsals.
  • It is the dancer’s responsibility to stay informed of his/her rehearsal schedule.
  • You will be excused from up to two rehearsals (for each number).
  • If you miss 3 rehearsals for any one number, you will be considered an inactive member and will not be allowed to participate in this year’s performance.

To report an absence, please fill out and submit the Absence Form.


Call Times

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Call Time – 12:30

Please be on time. Come in full make-up and hair. Bring all shoes, tights and costume pieces. Dancers will be held in the lobby until 12:30.

Dancers will be dismissed between shows to see family/friends in the lobby and eat dinner. They should return backstage 45 minutes before the evening show (5:15 pm).

Dancers will be kept backstage after the evening show until dressing rooms and backstage areas are completely cleaned up and their items are packed and ready to go. They will not be allowed out of the backstage area until their dressing room is clean and they’ve been released. No exceptions.


If you have a Google account, you can add the ADT calendar to your calendar by clicking HERE. Get up to the minute changes added directly to your calendar.